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Do you feel like the entire neighborhood has the perfect view of your backyard? All Purpose Home Repair has the privacy fence builder you need in San Diego, CA. We build sturdy, perfectly level fences using natural woods, vinyl and chain-link. Whether you need a fence to keep your pet in the yard, or you want to increase your security and privacy, we've got you covered.

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Handling your fence installation with care

Careful planning and hard work go into every single one of our new fence installations. If you put our privacy fence builders on the job, we'll:

  • Use concrete on every single fence post
  • Mark out where the fence will be ahead of time
  • Dig post holes and install posts before installing pickets
Marking out the fence line and ensuring each post is secure helps us provide seamless, streamlined new fence installation services. If you have a question about this process, ask one of our professionals today.

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Explore your fencing options

Not sure what type of fence will be best for your property?
We can walk you through all of your options for your new fence installation. We can work with...

Natural wood fences: These fences are elegant, timeless and affordable
Vinyl fences: Vinyl fencing is available in a wide range of styles and is very durable
Chain-link fences: These fences are extremely durable, practical and easy to maintain

Ready to start exploring your options in detail with our privacy fence builders?
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